Monday, April 21, 2014

First Nature Study of Spring {2014}

We ventured out to our favorite place for some nature study, last Friday. The weather was beautiful and even though it was tough getting out of the house, we all had a splendid time once there!

We started out at the lake and decided to take a short walk to find some wild flowers. Not too much was blooming. That walk turned into a longer one and we just kept going until we came upon the "frog pond" and then circled back around to the lake.

After that we enjoyed playing around the lake and then took another walk to a creek before leaving to come home.

I think we could have spent the whole day there had we not needed to be home by a certain time. We were delighted to the sounds of numerous birds.

Here is a photo journey of our day.

The first path we sat out to follow.

May Flowers found in the first field. I remember seeing these in the woods as a child and thinking they were a funny looking plant. These had some damage from frost earlier in the week.

Turtle found on the edge of the path.

This pond is named "Frog Pond" and it needs to be better explored with rubber boots on our feet, one day!

Thank goodness for strong teenage boys to clear the path!

Playing around at the lake. It was nice and full from all the rain we had, but a bit muddy looking.

Tyler can never stop himself from throwing in big rocks.

The shoes came off down by the creek.

The boys were curious to check out this creek since it was pretty full a couple of weeks ago. It had a little bit of water in it this time. It was dry in October.

The walk back required no shoes! According to Caleb, "This is how it use to be done back in the old day."

Wake Robin found on the path to the creek.

Having lots of fun!

Looks like I found a place to take a family photo this fall. I'm sure the trees in the background will be beautiful at that time. I'm sure the field will look nice come summer before it's cut!

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