Friday, April 11, 2014

Just Checking in and 7 Quick Takes Friday {April 11, 2014}

1) I've looked out my back window (from the master bath) all winter long and I've seen this old wash bucket,that I use to plant flowers in, and it's calling my name! I'm really hoping to fill it up this weekend. It will be making a permanent location where ever I decide to leave it as you can see the bottom is almost completely rusted through. I have a spot picked out. I took this picture late last summer. I'm missing those bare feet, tomatoes, and lots of green too. Things are greening up and things are blooming, including allergies!

2) I've been trying to work on the blog to put some new things on the right side bar and change the pictures of the header. I had to change the background too. Let me know what you think of it and if you have any suggestions. I really don't know what I'm doing! I keep bookmarking links to how to create blogs and perhaps one day I will read them.

3) We were on spring break last week. We should have waited until this week as the weather is much nicer this week than last! Caleb made the choice and he regretted it, lol! In my last post I committed to some cleaning plans for the week. For the most part they got done! I went through all the clothes, bathroom cabinets were cleaned out, and I even cleaned out our bedroom dresser and went through my clothes. I went to the grocery store before getting the frig cleaned out, so that cleaning didn't happen. I still need to go through Tyler's closet.

4) Getting back into the school routine has gone well this week. We are all looking forward to summer break though! I see the boys in a hurry to finish the year. Caleb keeps mentioned that we need to get this or that done because he doesn't want to get behind in school work. Me neither!

5) I've been trying to add to our Morning Basket time and getting everything done that we do together right there first thing. This works well and makes the rest of the day run smoothly. There is one small glitch, getting two active boys to sit still for an hour to an hour and a half! We take a break and we have thinking putty on hand for busy hands. I have to separate the boys as Morning Basket doesn't work if they are sitting next to each other. Sometimes it's a struggle to keep Caleb awake (seriously thinking about adding coffee to his breakfast!) and engaged. Would love some suggestions!

6) I really need a hair cut. It's been four months. I'm thinking about getting eight inches cut off and donating it. But, that is a lot of hair. I'm undecided and want to see how much that is before committing. Otherwise a very short trim and perhaps we will revisit the major hair cut in 2-3 months. I do know that I love having long hair, but I do know I want something shorter for the summer. My hair has gotten very thick over the winter and it will be too hot for summer. Ok, this is what I wrote 2 days ago when I started this post but didn't get to finish! I went and got that cut this evening. I'm in shock! Not the good kind! I was told my length would be at shoulder level and that was my limit and . . . . . that didn't work out in the end. I may want my hair back to make own wig. : (  I'm hoping after a shower it's not as short as it seems or I get use to it really fast. I won't be taking any pictures so just remember me with long hair until it grows out a few more inches. At this point I'm not sure if I'm joking or not . . . . I'll let you know.

7) It's youth Turkey season here this weekend so I will have some hunters in the woods. Turkey scouting hasn't gone well (according to Scott), so I'm not sure if we will be eating fresh turkey this weekend or not. I really would like to grind up some meat up to make burger, so I'm hoping for a better than expected season.

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