Monday, October 28, 2013

October Wrap-Up

I haven't had too much time to post the last few weeks so I decided to do a October wrap-up. Unfortunately, I keep forgetting my camera to most events so I don't have too much to share.

Two weeks ago we hit our usual spot for nature study and got in some walnut picking-up and a quick nature hike. We took a well traveled path between the land we were on that led to the neighbor (which is my uncle). The leaves were starting to turn, but they weren't in their full glory (which was today October 28, 2013 and we didn't have time to sneak out for a color hike).

Our hike turned around at the dry-creek bed.
There was some erosion in the turn of the creek which revealed several root systems. The boys were eager to check those out.
We found this guy in the dry creek bed too.
On the way back we spotted this fallen down tree. After careful inspection I announced it safe for play. The boys had fun!

My (little) brother and his family came for a visit this past weekend. My mom always has a Pumpkin Party to celebrate a few birthdays in October. Caleb missed it this year due to a scout camp out.

My super cute nephew enjoyed carving his own pumpkin for the first time. He had a fun time stabbing it!

I'm planning a little All Saint's Day party for . . . . . just us. All of our friends have school that day and my weird wonderful kids didn't want to attend the local Catholic homeschool group's party. Post to follow.

What fall activities have you been enjoying?

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