Friday, September 13, 2013

What We Are Up To-7 Quick Takes 9-13-2013

1. This is our busiest time of the year. I have everything well planned this year and I'm staying organized. The weird thing is that it's not working. I'm still stressed. The only difference is things are getting done timely and I really have nothing to stress about . . . . but I still do. I'm starting to wonder why I put so much time into being well organized when the outcome is the same. Things to ponder!

2. Our church fall festival (big fundraiser) is this Sunday. If you are local I expect to see you there! ; )  I'm in charge of the kid's area. I suck at this, lol! They can fire me if it's a flop. ; ) The whole family is helping. I was able to get game prices down to just twenty-five cents each. I also added a free area with a craft, guessing game (to win a jar of candy), and some games. Another helper built us a new game (pop balloons with darts) and we made a new duck pond and added another new game. We don't have a lot of workers so our games are limited. Maybe I'll have a post about this next week.

3. I'm in charge of our Scout Pack's popcorn again this year. I'm hoping this is my last year. I have a new volunteer who is helping this year and I hope she will take over next year. It's a lot of work to only earn 28% of the sale of the popcorn. In a month from now I will be swimming in popcorn . . . . it's never any fun.

4. Tonight's plan is to can tomatoes. My wonderful husband always takes care of these kitchen duties, but tonight I'm suppose to help. I got signed up for this when I declined to do it on my own, "I would rather do it with you than take on this project alone for the first time." I was reminded last night that I would be helping . . . I guess there is no getting out of it now.

5. I signed the boys up for tennis lessons at the YMCA with other homeschoolers. They really enjoyed it (big surprise here). It cost us $40 a month for an hour plus lesson once a week. They are allowed to come early and stay late. Seems like a good deal when I looked in the Y catalog and saw they charge $35 for an hour private lesson! We will continue with this as long as they are interested, we have the time, and the funds. Most likely the funds will run out first.

6. School went ok this week. We got behind (mostly due to tennis on Monday-I need to remember to schedule a little less on Monday now) and today we have a long make-up list of stuff to do. No nature study today, but this is the first Friday this school year that we needed the whole Friday to catch up. Not bad!

7. Scott has signed up to the be the cub master for our local cub scout pack. This is just a two year commitment. Right now Scott is the cub master, Weblos den leader, and scouting for food leaders. I'm in charge of popcorn and I'm the treasurer. Scott and I are also trying to organize our first cubmobile race (since our district one has changed to May and our pack has a conflict with the date).  Pure craziness!

What are you up to? Leave a comment or leave a link to your blog in the comments. 

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