Thursday, July 25, 2013

Daybook: a New School Year

Inspired by Sarah's Daybook posts I wanted to create something (very) similar to her post. I believe this originally come from The Simple Woman's Daybook. I couldn't come up with a different name though!

Outside my window
Cloudy now but it was been sunny all day. Cooler today and should be all weekend. We will take it. The tomatoes are going to town in our little garden. The freezer will be stock soon!

I’m thankful for
books and that all the bills got paid when I bought all these new books for the school year.

I’m thinking about
how to create a virtue of gentleness in our home especially during school time.

In the schoolroom
it's the start of a whole new school year. A seventh grader and fourth grader are filling up the table hoping to learn of exciting adventures and miraculous science and  fine tuning the art of communication.

From the kitchen
I treated the family to a Peanut Butter Pie for the first day of school. A friend and fellow homeschool mom introduced me to this yummy creation. I always make two at a time because I don't want to waste cream cheese! Really it's all about not wanting to waste any food! ; )  I just mix together 3 oz of cream cheese, half a cup of peanut butter, one cup powered sugar, and half a container of cool whip. Pour into a graham cracker pie crust and top with the remaining cool whip. Freeze and enjoy! I do like to experiment with the recipe and use chunky PB or some sort of chocolate either mixed in our on top. Thanks Lynne for the recipe! I'm sure you will want to thank her too.

I am creating
a scrapbook! I have plans to scrapbook over the weekend with friends. I haven't done that since April, so I'm looking forward to it!

I am working on
this new blog! I've invested several hours into this project.

I am reading
too much to keep up with at the moment! An interesting read has been Bringin Up Bebe. I'm beyond baby days so this has been a entertaining book for me. I am picking up some new insight into parenting and some information can be used with my older boys. I'm 95% done with reading Real Learning: Education in the Heart of the Home. This is my second time reading this book, but the first time with my own copy. I'm note taking this time and finding lots of wonderful ideas!

I am hearing
the sound of dinner being cooked (and enjoying I'm not in the kitchen doing it) and very active boys. The house seems too small at times like this.

Clicking around
Shower of Roses-I've been reading this blog for about a month and it has been a wonderful find! After reading this post on Civil War lesson plans I realized she has all of her history plans on her blog. This is how I picture doing history in our house but haven't been able to configure it. Now I do thanks to Jessica! I really think it was the pictures that made it work for me.

Around the house
Nothing but the normal daily grind this week.

One of my favorite things rain last Saturday.

A few plans for next week
Should be a nice easy week. School should go smoothly and we have something special planned for next weekend. I'll give details later.

A picture
of the boys playing in the rain last Saturday.

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