Monday, July 29, 2013

2013-2014 Curriculum Plans: Fourth Grade

Time is just flying by with my boys. I always refer to Tyler as "the little boy" and honestly that isn't the case anymore. But, I will keep calling him that anyway (he really doesn't mind).

Here is a brief overview of what Tyler will be using this school year.

Math-U-See Delta 
Daily Word Problem
Life of Fred

Lighted Lanterns which is a new Catholic Language Arts program that contains dictation, narration, writing, grammar, poetry and picture study.
Little Latin Readers from CHC
Winston Grammar
Catholic Heritage Handwriting Level 4
Writing inspired by The Writer's Jungle

Behold & See 4 in which we will do the anatomy work in our first term. Our second term will be reading some living books on anatomy: Exploring the History of Medicine and Galen and the Gateway to Medicine. Our third term work will be learning about birds using What's That Bird? and Peterson's Field Guide Coloring Book. Fourth term is undecided but most likely will be a weather unit with Caleb.

New St. Joseph's Baltimore Catechism #1
Reading of the Old Testament using Golden Children's Bible
Once Upon a Time Saints
An Introduction to the Liturgical Year

Tyler will continue working on American history picking up where we left off last year. He is also doing a study of the states for geography. I will have to explain more about this later on because I'm not 100% sure how this is going to work out. We will be using Our United States of American: Catholic Social Studies for the state study.

Classical Catholic Memory
Home Art Studio Grade 4

If you want any further explanation as to why I choose any of these programs/books or how we plan to use them just comment or send me an email. I don't mind going into details! Here is Caleb's 7th grade curriculum.

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