Saturday, July 2, 2016

Weekend Ramblings {July 2, 2016}

Happy Fourth of July!

Recent Events~ We had a family wedding last weekend (Scott's cousin) and I tried to get some pictures since the grounds of the church were pretty. It was very hot and sunny which didn't work out so well (closed eyes-poor Tyler and glare off glasses). Pictures in this post are from St. Lawrence Catholic Church grounds in St. Elizabeth, Missouri.  

Around the house~ I'm just coming off a week long school planning session. All my boys were away at scout summer camp and I was left home alone with the dog. I very much missed my boys, but I very much needed a week of silence. Before you get jealous keep in mind the dog is high energy, has separation anxiety, and is kind of like having a toddler in the house. So, it wasn't 100% perfect, but we survived and I did get a lot of planning done.

Book Basket~ I've been trying to get some reading done, but I haven't devoted much time to it. I'm almost finished with Dyslexic Advantage: Unlocking the Hidden Potential of the Dyslexic Brain. This is a really interesting book. It actually was helpful in relationships around here because it helped to explain why we do what we do (or don't do) and has made everyone little more understanding. ; ) (Scott has been reading this book too.)


I'm about halfway through Charlotte Mason's Formation of Character. This one has been difficult to get into and I really find it out dated. I ended up skipping parts of it, but will finish it because there were some gems. 

I started reading The Innocence of Father Brown by G. K. Chesterton (checked out from the library) to preview for Caleb. I'm not much on a mystery, but I did enjoy the three chapters I read. I decided to purchase The Complete Father Brown Stories and will add it to Caleb's free reading list. I'm not sure if I will read anymore or not.

Speaking of school reading list, I started pre-reading Book of the Ancient Greeks by Dorothy Mills this past week. Caleb raved about her Book of the Ancient World and I can see why he liked it so much. I really like Mills writing style too. I plan to read this one pretty fast and get through it this week (or next). I'm not taking any notes as I feel like it will come back as I get Caleb's narrations.

Next in my to-read pile are Memoirs of a Happy Failure, Teaching From Rest, and the next school book I need to pre-read (not sure which one yet). I will probably add another CM volume to my list after I finish #5.

In the school room~ I think we will start back to school in the last week of July. I like starting back early so that we can take a week off every six weeks. This seems to be a good schedule for us. Keeping summer break short seems to help us not get out of habits and gives us time to work on new habits.

I still have a few items to check off my school planning list, but I think I can get those easily done in the next two weeks. My week of planning went really well. I knew I wouldn't get it all done, but I was hoping for a miracle. That didn't happen, but I did accomplish more than last year so I'm pleased with the progress. I should have our book list on the blog later in the month.

Upcoming plans~ Family gathering this weekend. A few small projects are on my list. Next week looks really nice and I should have plenty of time to tackle the to-do list. Reading and writing are on the top of that list. Most of the summer activities are over and it's time to relax. Caleb does have a week long service project camp coming up, but I still get to relax.  ; )

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