Saturday, April 9, 2016

School Ramblings {April 9, 2016}

Since the last School Ramblings we've had a shorter school week followed by an Easter Break (Happy Easter!!). I can't recall what happened two weeks ago! That was very apparent when we picked up some books this week and had to page through the previous readings for a quick reminder. This week we were back at a regular school week. We are counting down the last eight weeks of school with now ONLY 7 more to go! (That sounds way better than it feels!)

Tyler working on math and happy because I let him use a calculator for the first time.

What's in the Morning Basket?
I changed up our daily schedule for the remaining weeks and put Morning Basket right before lunch. This sounded perfect when I did it, but it's not been too welcomed by the boys. I don't have any intentions to change the schedule again so they are stuck with it until the end.  ; ) We had only 2 (maybe 3? why can't I remember?) days of Morning Basket (out of a scheduled 4). This is something we still need to work on! We listened to Swallowdale, learned some more about da Vinci and studied his The Annunciation painting, said our prayers and read the daily Gospel reading, and worked on memorizing the poem April by Elsa Beskow. As usual we didn't get much done during Morning Basket.

Cassie's favored book of the week.
I finally sat down and read Splendor of the Saints  and really enjoyed it! Caleb not so much. It is a little too much for him and we will save that for when he is older. I think I will continue reading it though. The book was exciting and gets you all fired up over the Saints.

Tyler, there's something flying above your head!

Tyler's favored book of the week.
This is a really hard question for Tyler. He responded with Old Sam, Dakota Trotter and couldn't give me a reason why.  ; )  I do mentioned it because Bethlehem Books is having 40% off and free shipping until the 10th. Tyler would like the sequel, Old Sam and the Horse Thieves so I placed an order. 

We've got this!
Tyler is very close to finishing Math-U-See Epsilon. I thought I would go ahead and order Zeta and start that, but that seems silly since he would only have about 4-6 weeks before school would be done. Yet, I could still be easily talked into starting it! I decided to have him do some of the enrichment and application pages that were missed when we went through the book. I'm not sure why we didn't do that to begin with. I'm very happy that this math book was completed in great time this year. (That doesn't happen every year.)

A pair of geese at the family farm. I'm looking forward to the little ones to follow.

Looking ahead.
I have the usual weekend duties of preparing for next week's school work and pre-reading a few selections. (I'm already behind on this because I decided to deep clean a bedroom and it's taking longer than expected.) 

I've been really thinking about next year's books and went over the list and edited it a couple of times this week. I even made a list of books to purchase and compared prices. I'm deciding if I feel good about purchasing them now or waiting another month in case I make a change or two or three or the whole list! ; ) I do have a couple of books to decide on and I hope to do that this weekend too. I have 4 spine books picked out for Caleb's history and we just need two . . . which will it be?

How was your week of school?

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