Monday, April 25, 2016

School Ramblings {April 25, 2016}

There is just 5 more weeks to go! Rumor has it that the boys would like to work a little harder and cut that down to 4. It is completely possible since the boys are starting to finish some books and can put that extra time towards extra readings on those books still to finish. Tyler finished one science book last week. Caleb could finish a book this week. We shall see.

We ended out of the house more than normal this past week, but still the school work got completed. I feel myself getting lazier towards the end, but the boys are pushing to get it done. I like their attitude!

When nature decides to study you.

We made it out to our usual nature study spot one evening last week. We wondered around looking for wildflowers and mushrooms. Mushrooms were sparing and ticks were plentiful! Pictures in this post are from that visit.

We found the goose nest.

What's in the Morning Basket?
All I have to say is that Swallowdale is finished! We've been working on this book off and on for two years. It's a great book and we just got distracted by other great books along the way.  ; ) 

Looking for mushrooms, but only found ticks.

What's this? (improvement needed)
I sent an email to Math-U-See to get some suggestions on a math issue that I had for each boy. They sent me back a wonderful email with great suggestions and even suggested I call them and for Tyler to call them to talk to them directly about it. Tyler said no, but I was impressed with the customer service. I went over the suggestions with each boy and one has already seen improvement.

Caleb found his first mushroom.

Cassie's favored book!
Caleb has been reading Fabre's Book of Insects as one of his science reads. Surprisingly, this has been a wonderful book to read. I wasn't looking forward to a book of insects! Fabre is a wonderful naturalist with a beautiful writing technique that makes insects interesting. We do have to google all the insects to see what they look like and compare them to their American version. (Fabre is French and some of these insects are from France.)I picked this book out at a homeschool conference last year as my door prize and I'm glad I did! 

Luckily we didn't get wet!

Looking ahead (teacher duties).
At this point, so late in term 3, I'm just making sure we are staying on track to finish what we had hoped to finish this year. I'm looking towards next school year and reading over new books and deciding what kind of teacher trainer that I need over the summer break. I've also decided to move our summer cleaning jobs to spring cleaning to free up more time during summer break. It seems like I'm always pushing our start date back because I'm not ready. 


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  1. Great service from Math U See :-)
    Years ago my older kids were madly keen on the whole Swallowdale series, I must introduce them to our other children.
    My nature loving boy loved Fabre.


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