Monday, February 22, 2016

Winter Ramblings

(Pictures of a female cardinal at the snowy bird feeder in January.)

My little blog has been greatly ignored this winter. I've lost my desire to write. I've started many posts and then quickly deleted them.

This week we were on break and the weather became very nice and I starting thinking again that I wanted to get back to blogging. I believe my lack of blogging is due to lack of warm weather. It feels natural to hibernate in winter! It was also a great help to have a few free hours to myself with nothing else I needed to get done.

Bird tracks everywhere on the back porch.

I starting blogging to work on my writing. I continue to blog because I enjoy the scrapbook that is created. I return to my blog to look back at how we celebrated and what was going on in nature in previous years and seasons. I would still blog with zero readers because of this.

My favorite thing to blog about is nature. I enjoy writing about our nature hikes and having a place for the pictures of everything we saw.

My least favorite thing to blog about is the how and why of school and family choices (nitty gritty stuff). 

In the middle of this list I would include the day in and outs of homeschooling.

Now, as a reader please let me know what you would like to see on this blog. Any comments are welcome. I would even take grammar advice! My feelings are not easily hurt. I very much enjoy feedback from others and can usually take it in stride.  : )

I will continue on with our nature study post and will have one up soon since we were able to get out two afternoons last week! I am also starting a new, hopefully weekly, School Rambles post.

My goal for School Rambles is to answer some or all of the the following questions.
What's in the Morning Basket?
Favored books of the week
What's this? (areas we need to work on)
We've got this! (improvements made, ideas mastered)
Looking Ahead (my duties as teacher)

I will be happy to hear what you all have to add. You can leave comments below or you can email me at tending pumpkin patch at gmail dot com. 



  1. Nothing to write, blogging 'blahs,' I think are very normal, particularly when you've been blogging for a decent time, which you have.

    I think the secret is to write what appeals to you, so you enjoy writing your nature posts, continue to write them.

    I enjoy all your school rambles, (great name:-) and like your proposed line up.
    I like your Term Reviews, your Daybooks. The whole hunting thing is fascinating and different (for me)

    1. Thanks, Erin! I appreciate your feedback! I should have a term review up in a couple of weeks since we have just 1.5 weeks left of term 2.


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