Monday, February 22, 2016

February Nature Study {2016}

Finally! Last Thursday and Friday we had unseasonably temperatures in the 60s and 70s and we finally got in some nature study . . .  two days!!

We went on a short hike on Thursday on a trail that has become our usual this past year. There really wasn't much to see. We did see a lot of fungus. It was just nice to get outside with a warm temperature and enjoy.

Friday we went on a REALLY long hike and we hit a trail that was new to me. The boys had been on it before. Friday was warmer and less wind and quite enjoyable. Scott also got to join us on Friday.
(I didn't take any pictures on Friday.)

Bugs were out! I even pulled a crawling tick off my leg. I worry it will be a very buggy summer with our mild winter!

It was very windy on Thursday and there were a lot of new trees down in the woods. We enjoyed checking out the new stumps but kept our eyes and ears open to falling limbs and trees. I think sounds were at the top of our discovery list

The boys collect strips of bark from a dead tree and decided to float them on the lake. They had to do it from the dock after their first attempt was retrieved by Lucy from the shore. It would not surprise me if she decides to jump off the dock to do some retrieving in the future. (Scott has talked about training her to do this.) 

I wish I could name all the fungus, but either we don't have that field guide or it's at Scott's office. 

We are looking forward to some spring nature study! 

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