Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Fall Nature Study Round-Up {2015}

I did not get our family farm fall nature study pictures posted last month. I like to put them on the blog for reference and comparisons between the years. Since I waited so long I don't have much commentary nor can I tell you when they took place (mid-October/early November) or much details.   ; )

My favorite grass of all time (if you can have such a thing) is broom sedge. I love the glowing coloring.

Can you find the puppy?

Fall pond study . . . . a walk around the pond is always enjoyable.

The path on this side of the pond was not mowed. We usually get covered in dried seeds and weeds. Always lots of animal trails. This path did get mowed when we came back before deer season.

Cloudy day during this nature hike. I was admiring the clouds that day. Must have been mid-October since the leaves look mostly green.

Turtle study (three-toed box turtle) . . . . we learned that Lucy can pick up a turtle in her mouth. We had to distract Lucy and take her for a long walk so the turtle could get away. Every time we go back to the lake after that visit she goes to find that turtle!

One mad turtle!

Has anyone seen a turtle around here?

Tyler was too tired for much nature study on one of our fall visits. Good thing napping in nature counts for nature study.  ; )

Caught taking pictures of him napping!

One of my favorite trails to nature hike. This trail gets mowed before fall hunting season (leads to my Dad's hunting spot) and we get to take the long awaited walk.

The cedar trees were gorgeous on this trail.

A dry creek bed is always fun to explore.

A sure sign of fall.

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