Friday, December 18, 2015

Early December Nature Study {2015}

We had some favorable December weather (last week) and were able to go out to our favorite nature study spot.

Tyler decided to bike the trail.

One of the two trails we hiked. It was a noisy walk with all the leaves on the trail.

The woods were a dull gray and brown and then there was this sun lit green spot.

I zoomed the camera in for a closer look.

And of course we detoured off the trail to check it out. Pretty awesome patch of moss. It added beautiful color to the woods.

Perhaps some moss reproduction going on here . . . I don't know anything about moss.

Oddest thing we found in woods was this tree. Our in home naturalist wasn't sure what kind of tree this was. I need to go back and mark this tree to find in the spring. It was covered in several of these things . . . it reminds me of damaged caused by cutting back a tree too much. (I will have to ask around and figure this mystery out.)

The bark on this tree caught our eyes. Scott thinks it's an Oak (but with an odd bark pattern). (Note to self to get the book on identifying Missouri trees in winter!)

I love finding holes in trees. These holes went under the tree and come out on two sides. I could not get my boys to stick their hands in the holes to see what they could find. Scott said there wouldn't be anything hibernating in there. There was sign that something was using it earlier this year.

Dead and rotting trees provide excellent habitat for all kinds of small critters (mostly insect variety) and are favorites of boys to explore (and dogs too until they get insects on their nose).

Creek exploring is a favorite of ours. This creek was very dry on October 2nd! Lucy was retrieving rocks that the boys were throwing. She brought it back to me . . . . I don't think she got the right one but it's hard to tell.

Tyler loves rock collecting and he did find a neat one on this trip but I have seem to have lost the pictures somewhere on my computer . . . .

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