Friday, January 23, 2015

January Nature Study

Sycamore leaf impression on the ice.

Monday was the last warm day of a few days stretch of above average temperatures. Some much loved warm weather in the dead of winter!

We were able to spend Monday afternoon at the family farm, our usual nature study spot.

There isn't much going on in January, or at least visible goings on. We decided to just walk a few trails to see if we could find anything. We didn't find too much but it was still a very enjoyable walk.

We were lucky to have Scott along with us (it was a work holiday) to point out trees and birds and answer our questions (he knows way more about nature than me). 

Lucy made her first trip out to the family farm. She out for fresh air, exercise, nature study, and some puppy training. She was introduced to gun shots, which she didn't mind. She also freely jumped into the lake and wasn't deterred by freezing water temperatures. (Both these things made Scott very happy.)

Anyway, We enjoyed some frozen creeks thanks to some really cold temperatures before those warm ones. The boys enjoyed testing the ice. So did Lucy who broke through a few times in the creeks but didn't seem to mind.

Our first trail.

The first frozen creek was a hit for Lucy!

The boys tried hard to get the ice to crack through, but no such luck. Don't worry, it's not deep.

Lucy is thinking about jumping out on the ice . . . which she did . . . . and surprisingly didn't break through (those spots that don't look frozen or deceiving). . . . and was able to jump back to safety.

"What do you mean I can't play out here?" said Lucy to Scott.

Tyler posing next to some interesting bark, Hackberry.

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