Sunday, January 18, 2015

A January Daybook {2015}

Remember when I said that I needed to do less of these type of post? Well, it's all I got at the moment. I'm trying to keep it to once a month . . . . starting in February!

Outside my window~
It's a nice spring day in the dead of winter! It was yesterday too but the wind for horrible. It should last another day and I'm hoping to do some nature study at our favorite spot tomorrow afternoon.  

I'm hoping to see the arrival of all my boys outside my window very soon. They have been on a scout camping trip all weekend. I'm pretty sure the puppy is going to go nuts as soon as the garage door opens.

I'm thankful for~
a free weekend to work on some projects. A few days of sun. 

I am reading~
Still working through the Your Questions Answered: Narration by Sonya Shafer. I highly recommend this book to every homeschooler. I wish I had this a few years ago.

I finished the second book in the Anne of Green Gables series. I'm not sure when I will get to continue to the next one, but I wish I had read this series as a teen. 

We have been on a Harry Potter kick and I've read the first three books of the series. Caleb just finished the second book on Friday and Tyler is already in the third. We were needing some excitement but not a heavy read and this fits our needs. I do believe I will put off the fourth book a while since it's a rather thick one. We have been watching the movies after reading the books. I actually never liked the movies because I couldn't figure out what was going on. Now I know why! The movies are missing a ton of important details. Since I read the books now the movies are making sense. 

My roll in scouts. We are coming to the end of our Cub Scout career and I'm completely burned out. I know that I will need to take on a leader postion with Boy Scouts I think I will have to say no for a little while. I'm going to need some down time!

Lots of homeschooling things. I'm always pondering those though! They are still at front in my mind on most days.

I'm not a dog person. Never will be! Now I'm living with one. She has been constantly requesting my attention to play with her. I just can't bring myself to do it. I feel bad for her. I talk to her constantly and she isn't one for conversation. (You know the cat loved to be talked to!) There will be a whole week this summer when the two of us will be home alone. Will I be able to properly take care of her and give her the attentions she needs. I'm worried!

Clicking Around~
I've enjoyed some older post from my favorite blogs that have shown up on my Facebook feed lately. Do just one thing from Sweetness & Light and Toward Understanding the Moral Imagination from Amongst Lovely Things have been great refreshers. Lots of things to ponder from those.

The Homeschool Snapshots Podcast over at Ed Snapshots look interesting! I listened to one and it was enjoyable. Looking forward to listening to the rest.

A Peak at my Week~
Just the usual grind for us this week. Looking forward to some nature study though. The local homeschool group is having a book sale this week so that will be fun.

I need to make plans for a 14 year old birthday party. Yikes!

Around the House~
I did purchase new towels and went with a gray color. Not what I truly wanted but they match and aren't falling apart.

I tackled Tyler's closet over the weekend. I feel good about it and cleared out a lot of stuff. I'm not sure how he will feel about it once he gets home.

I did some major books sorting! I filled up a trash bag of twaddly books to donate. I feel bad giving them to someone to read as there is so much out there that is better to read. Yet, my recycling cart is overflowing and pick up isn't for a few days. I need the books gone before I'm discovered! ; )

I'm pretty sure my house will be destroyed and all new furniture will need to be bought after surviving the puppy stage with a lab! Taking donations now! Everything that is on the floor or within reach of her jumping as been set up higher. I have piles of stuff sitting in random places. And I don't have a lot of stuff or clutter in the house. Mostly book baskets, rugs, remotes. Nothing can be left on the floor! This is worse than baby proofingI lost two books this weekend. Still usable but missing a corner on each of them. I don't leave her alone either so she is destroying fast!

Life With Boys~
Scouts! My baby will cross over to Boy Scouts next month. He got to go on his first camp out with them this weekend. I begged him to stay home and he was determined to go!  ; ) The oldest turns 14 later this month and boy does it hurt. I think it hurts every year once they are school aged. Slowing down time would be much appreciated at the moment!

I am Working on~
Morning wake-up time. I'm not a morning person and I really have to push myself to wake when the alarm goes off.

I'm also working on getting a little more exercise into our days. Tough to do with our weather in Missouri (hot summers and cold winters).

A Picture~
This is what happens to a puppy when all her playmates leave her. She was moaning and groaning around the house most of the day. Then she took out her grief on everything in her sight. We are counting the minutes of the return of the boys! She is hiding under the couch in the picture.


  1. Listen to yourself{{}} If you're burnt out step back now! xxxx

    1. Erin, Thanks for the support! Oh, you don't know how much I want to completely step back! I can't get anyone to fill my positions by March like I was hoping (plus we have another mom who is burnt out too and needs to step away if we could find her a replacement). It looks like I will have to finish out the school year. Poor hubby had to step up and lead another den because of lack of parents who will help. He is leader for two dens and the cub master. He was suppose to be done in May but most likely will have to go another year to get his second group finished. I also had to cancel our family camp out because we didn't have enough helpers and I refused to help. I did come up with an alternative that will take me hardly any time to coordinate and I don't have to attend! But, it brings an end to a tradition for the pack! I have to keep telling myself that this year is a breeze compared to last year but still I'm putting in more hours than I want or can give to it. Hopefully just 4 more months!


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