Saturday, March 5, 2016

School Ramblings {March 5, 2016}

(Pictures from nature hikes at the family farm last weekend and Friday afternoon. Plus above was Friday's sunset.)

This week was the last of term 2. The boys did a normal week of school with end of term examinations. I should have our term 3 plans published mid-week or earlier.

We were able to get out to our usual spot for nature study on Friday afternoon. I won't be doing a separate post of that, so here are the highlights. We took a walk to a creek because Tyler must get in his rock search. I'm not sure where he is putting all the rocks he keeps collecting, but I did break his habit of bringing them in the house . . . . I think . . ..  I could be surprised if I cleaned his room. 

This little pond we call frog pond. I love hiking the trail that leads to it because it just appears out of no where.

We took a long walk around the hay field looking for antler sheds. Didn't find any, but we stopped at a creek and found some interesting trash. May be going back with shovels to dig it up this weekend. We found several large holes in our walk and Scott explained what animal likely lived in it and why to the boys. We did find a rodent colony of some sort on the edge of the field. Too small for rabbits (we think), but there were a lot of rabbits in that area. 

A good hiking rule is to always hike with a boy so you don't have to clear your own paths. I had to do my own clearing last weekend.

What's in the Morning Basket? We listened to Swallowdale, some poetry of A. A. Milne, a chapter about Blue Jays in A Field Guide to Familiar and some drawing lessons with Art for Kids: Drawing

No idea what Caleb found buried in the creek.

Caleb's favored book of the week: same as last week (The Book of the Ancient World by Dorothy Mills). Caleb mentioned a couple times this week how much he enjoyed this book. When he was working on his exam (Tell me everything about the Egyptians that your learned and thought interesting.) he exclaimed that the Egyptians were so interesting that he didn't have enough time to write it all. Last time he studied this time period he said they were boring and asked to never study them again. What a difference a good book does!

Lucy was a little crazy on Friday. She was running full speed up and down the trail and sliding in the leaves when turning. We had to stop her and make her sit and relax. She can take a person out doing that!

Tyler's favored book of the week: Tyler said he enjoys exam week because he has less school work and the exams are easy. Hmmm . . . .

Boy adventurer with his air-soft gun. You just never know what you will find. Note there is nothing in the woods that would hurt you, it's just pretend.  ; ) I hope he never out grows this!

Looking Ahead! I need to edit the boy's weekly lesson sheet to make changes for term 3. I still need to work on term 3 Morning Basket. I also still need grammar for term 3 for both boys. I didn't get my Looking Ahead! done last weekend, so those things have been left.

Resting at a creek. I really liked this stump.

How was your school week?

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