Friday, June 12, 2015

7 Quick Takes {June 12, 2015}

1) I have high hopes that things are going to settle down for the rest of summer break. I haven't done a 7 Quick Takes Friday in a while so I thought it would be a good way to catch up. Mostly pictures!

2) Tyler turned 11 this week . . . .  I try to get a pictures taken on birthdays and that didn't happen this year. We celebrated the day by going out to the family farm, dinner at Steve's (local restaurant that serves fried chicken, which is Tyler's favorite), and a family movie (Night at the Museum). We have the local community pool rented out in a week for a party with family and friends. Surprisingly, it's not too expensive and since I won't be serving a meal it won't cost any more than his usual party. Tyler got a kayak from us. He bought a bike a few weeks ago since his broke and he couldn't wait for birthday cash. So, he has a loan to repay. I haven't decided if I should charge interest. ; )

3) The boys had a Scout camp out at the end of May. I stayed home, which turned out great because it rained and was cold. But, bad because the dog was sick. : ( 

On the way out. The float trip part of the camp out was canceled due to flooding. Tyler did get to try out his new kayak on a pond instead.

4) Just some pictures from a few visits to the family farm. We made it out again today but it was a short visit just so Lucy could run around. (She isn't so naughty when she is tired!)

Picnic lunch by the lake.

Lazy boy fishing.

5) More fun at the farm!

Lucy loves to swim. She does NOT love to swim with the boys. She refused to get in once they were in and was one anxious puppy! The boys expected her to be playful in the water and wore life jackets in case she was a handful . . . . but no need.

6) Tyler's new hamster has turned out pretty well mannered. Humphrey hasn't given us any trouble. He is more concerned about getting out than the last hamster though. It's a little weird when those red/pink eyes are staring you down!

7) The new curtains for the living room arrived last Friday. I was able to take back two panels since they were very full and we didn't need four panels for the double window. I still haven't hung up pictures in the living room. Hopefully soon! I'm just not sure where I want to put them and I think I would like something new to add. We really need to work on some outside projects now! It's going to be a sad day when the massive pine tree is cut down in the back yard!

Have a good weekend!


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