Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving Daybook

Outside my window it's too cold here! Woke up to temperatures in the teens. If it's going to be this cold, it should just go ahead and snow!

I’m thankful for time spent with family and breaks from school to recharge.

I’m thinking about Advent!

In the schoolroom we are on break! Surprisingly, the next three weeks are planned out and ready to start next Monday. (I tell myself not to get use to this!Surely a one time miracle.)Just three more weeks are left in the term! I'm excited to be halfway done with this school year. I listed some general plans for school during Advent here.

From the kitchen I braved it and fixed a venison roast from Scott's fall harvest. Still don't like it! Although, I will eat a little because the cost of meat (and everything) is just too high and this is a good savings. All my boys said it was good. I'm going all out for Thanksgiving . . . . (lol!) and preparing a veggie tray to take to my uncle's for a big family gathering. I'm planning a nice brunch Thursday with just us and then a evening meal with my side of the family.

I am creating homemade Christmas cards. This is the first year that I actually like what I made and I didn't spend tens of hours making them. I don't have enough, but I have some paper cut for more, just need to doing some stamping and gluing. All my material for these cards came from Close to My Heart. Sorry about the quality of the picture; I sometimes forget to change the settings on the camera.

I am working on creating a peaceful Advent for my family that will lead to a joyful Christmas. Working on avoiding the stressful Advent that leads to no Christmas joy.

I am reading still The Mission of Motherhood
and loving every word. I have an Advent book coming today and my hope is to be able to but the Motherhood book down to start this new one next week. I also have some books on my Nook that are unfinished and I have A Catholic Homeschool Treasury on Caleb's Kindle that I really would like to read. I was really hoping to get some reading in this week . . . . .

I am hearing the heat running constantly . . . . well it turns off for a few minutes and then kicks back on. Caleb practicing Christmas songs on the keyboard.

Clicking around
Living Liturgy at Everyday Snapshots go and see what other are planning for Advent!
The Joy of Copywork
Liking Homeschooling

Around the house because it's a break week there are some extra cleanings going on around here. I deep cleaned the master bedroom this week. I'm cleaning cabinets today. Hoping to clean the bathroom cabinets today or Friday and deep clean the living room on Saturday. Deep cleaning means sweeping under EVERYTHING, cleaning base boards, cleaning curtains, and anything else that doesn't get cleaned in that room on a weekly basis.

Praying for the needs of family and friends . . .  let me know if I can add you to my prayer list.

One of my favorite things is my very helpful boys. I asked for help cleaning on Monday and I got cheerful, right away attitudes to help . . . . oh, I'll admit it, I offered extra screen time. They did a great job and I got the projects done in an hour so we all won.

Plans for this Week (and next) I think I mentioned everything I'm doing this week. I'm really looking forward to the first week of Advent. I'm hoping to have lots of post this Advent. Scout stuff needs to be taken care of for a meeting next week too.

A picture of Scott from his duck hunt yesterday. This man gets up at 1:20 am to make these duck hunts . . . . yes, that's plural; he does this about once a week during season while the numbers are good.

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